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Aquadelics puts the ART in Party : Made with aloha in paradise, our colorful swimsuits are true works of art. Specializing in handmade bikinis and board shorts these products have been made to be worn wet or dry depending on your unique modern needs. The fast drying, durable microfiber and polyester fabric we use allows for any overall water, sweat resistant, party, and active options. We strive to make everything in the USA and support our local community of economy. Each piece of swimwear is an artist creation of personal expression from Jammin On Inc. Printed tie dye defining vibrant, bold colors to bring out a glow of beauty and wellness to your beach or outdoor experience. Inspired by the array of colors of the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The bright reef life of down under to the surreal living rainbows are complimented on the surrounding land from above. We welcome you to our unique swimwear enchantment of enhancing your water resistant experience today.


      About Tie Dye and Our Dye Sublimation Printing Process:

When looking at nature or art it is fun to project our inspirations of different aspects of the way we choose to live our lives. Especially by the clothing options we pick to wear. Based upon our emotions and moods of our being, representing the way our selves and nature of the earth are connected thru vibrant colors of our ancient people, as they did before us.

Each suits' tie dye has been originally created by a design from a tie dye artist. Once the sacred fabric art has sat for 24 hours and washed out 3 three times, its picture is then taken by the highest resolution camera in our studio. The dye sublimation process of heat transferring into synthetic, water resistant fabric then begins.

Tattooing the white fabric, the colors come to life leaving us with an enjoyable piece of freedom to express ourselves thru living color.

Dye Sublimation



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