Aquadelics, Amazing Beginnings

Posted on 01 January 2016

Aquadelics: ~ Where Color Meets Water ~
AQUA - Latin word for Water ( Water component for Tie Dying and the surrounding Oceans of Maui, HI )
PSYCHEDELIC - is a concept the name is derived from the Ancient Greek words psyche (soul) and deloun ("to make visible, to reveal") translating to ("mind- revealing") -  (The shades used in the dye process of soul is then manifested into spirit within each thread of fabric) ( Hawai'i's lush land of beauty by living in color of the rainbow state ) 

S - Plural; more than one drop, of color" ( The end result in fabric by mixing color to make the dye come alive ) 

By The Jammin On Inc. Crew, Aquadelics has been a vision for many decades now, yes decades. Ever since the three Master Dyer brothers, Benjamin, J Rock and Pauly Strebel knew that their dye technique was more than merely a hobby, they have been taking Tie Dying to the next level time after time.

Year after year they have been tie dying in order to create the most wearable works of art, and have succeeded. Now selling their tie dye prints to companies, they incorporate Jammin On's tie dye into their own companies product line. Yet, the dye will only penetrate onto natural materials, not synthetic material such as water/ sweat proof fabrics.

The founding members of Aquadelics Swimwear Joey Scalgione and his partner Madeline Perry saw the experienced potential of this one of a kind new age swim wear had to offer so wanted this long time dream and vision to come true. Madeline, a part time fashion student, lover of unique fashion and bikinis has seen this vision of new age clothing for sometime now.  For the past 20 years now, Joey has been a part of the brothers tie dye family and has seen all of time less fashion styles to be worn. Living in Maui, Hawaii his urge to produce psychedelic board shorts could not wait any longer. Joey and friends then decided that the dye sublimation printing machine had to been born into the family, and then made that special wish happen!! 

In 2014 the dye sublimation fabric machine had been purchased by Joey and friends. Now residing in the psychedelic mecca of San Francisco, California, USA the printing of different synthetic fabric options are literally excitingly endless. Jammin On Inc. then had a Grand grand opening party at the studio blessing the opening space of the printing machine. We had some of the worlds most famous (visionary) artists attend; such as; 

Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, Stanley Mouse and Xavi Panneton. 

Family members of the Jerry Garcia family also came, such as Trixie Garcia and many other influential people of our time. 

We are so proud of the long strides that these companies have grown into and thank every one for being a part of this with us in the support of this artful, playful, fun, creating a visionary movement, of fashion. 

Remember     "Team Work, Makes The Dreams Work!" -JoJo

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