A Brief History of Tie Dye

Posted on 01 February 2016

History of Tie Dye:

Tie Dye has been dated back to the pre historic time of the 6th century. Bright colors have been enjoyed since the primitive days of mankind. Discovered by the natural uses of Plant juices, flowers, bark, and leaves. Invented in Egypt, China, Peru, Mexico, Greece, Africa and Rome. Areas of the world included tie dye to be worn only by priests or the wealth stating their class or social ranking. Other forms in the world made of kimonos, silks, geometric art work to be sold and sarongs. Tie dying became the latest rage in North America in the 60s using it as an artistic freedom of expression to the free spirited people. The art of dying os not only an art form, yet a piece of our worlds history and makes a lot of people very happy!

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